Translating the sense of touch into a digital image



  • screen 1


    Female pelvic floor biomechanics on a computer screen in high definition and real time


  • screen 1

    Visualization of
    Pelvic Floor Conditions

    Images of anterior and posterior compartments under applied stress. Elasticity assessment from spatial pressure gradients


  • screen 1

    Capture of Tactile
    Patterns on Vaginal Walls

    Circumferential tactile sensing of vagina


  • screen 1

    Quantification of
    Muscle Function

    Pelvic floor measurable dynamic deficiencies


  • screen 1

    Insight into POP

    Voluntary muscle contratcion and relaxation in high definition


  • screen 1

    Insight into SUI

    Involuntary muscle contraction to detect weak/damaged sites


Vaginal Tactile Imager

The device is intended for mapping of pressures within the vagina to aid in diagnosis and evaluation of vaginal and pelvic floor conditions.


It enables assessment of pelvic floor function by quantitative, anatomically sensitive and specific manner.




Innovation for

• Urogynecology

• Physiotherapy

• Gynecology

• Obstetrics

• Women's Health







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