Translating the sense of touch into a digital image



  • screen 1

    Capture of Tactile
    Patterns on Vaginal Walls

    Circumferential tactile sensing of vagina


  • screen 1

    Visualization of
    Pelvic Floor Conditions

    Images of anterior and posterior compartments under applied stress. Elasticity assessment from spatial pressure gradients


  • screen 1


    Female pelvic floor biomechanics on a computer screen in high definition and real time


  • screen 1

    Quantification of
    Muscle Function

    Pelvic floor measurable dynamic deficiencies


  • screen 1

    Insight into POP

    Voluntary muscle contratcion and relaxation in high definition


  • screen 1

    Insight into SUI

    Involuntary muscle contraction to detect weak/damaged sites


Vaginal Tactile Imager

A breakthrough research platform to aid in diagnosis and evaluation of vaginal and pelvic floor conditions.


Allows a functional assessment and objective pathophysiological examination for symptoms and dysfunctions.


FDA approved.



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