Translating the sense of touch into a computer image



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    Innovative Approach
    Pressure Mapping Technology

    Real time imaging of vagina and pelvic floor support structures


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    Static and Dynamic
    Tactile Imaging

    Visualization of anatomical features and assessement of tissue elasticity


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    Imaging of Pelvic
    Floor Support Structures

    Raster images of apical anterior and posterior compartments


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    Visualization of
    Pelvic Floor Conditions

    Elasticity assessment of pelvic floor support structures


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    Capture of Tactile
    Patterns on Vaginal Walls

    Circumferential tactile sensing of vagina


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    Dynamic Assessment of
    Vaginal Muscle Strength

    Recording and localizing pelvic muscle contraction


Vaginal Tactile Imager

The device provides tactile images and elasticity assessment for vagina and pelvic floor support structures. It is based on acquisition of pressure patterns within the vagina.


The device allows high resolution dynamic tactile imaging for pelvic floor muscles.


Innovation for

• Gynecology

• Obstetrics

• Urogynecology

• Plastic Surgery

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