Advanced Tactile Imaging, Inc. is an innovative medical device developer and manufacturer. The company’s primary area of focus is women healthcare including pelvic organ prolapse, stress urinary incontinence, vaginal tissue atrophy, overactive bladder, spontaneous preterm delivery and maternal birth trauma. The Vaginal Tactile Imager for biomechanical mapping of the female pelvic floor is on the market. A line of tactile+ultrasound imaging devices is under development.

The company is founded and operated by a team of professionals with expertise in the diverse areas of biomechanics, medicine, biomedical engineering and medical device manufacturing. The company is positioned with strong IP, commitment of the founders and federally funded biomedical research and development. Its founders built a foundation for the development and medical applications of the tactile and ultrasound imaging technologies.

Scientific and technological advances are almost always the product of collaboration and Advanced Tactile Imaging places high value on partnering with institutions whose expertise and strengths are complement. We invite new clinical sites for collaboration in gynecology, urogynecology and obstetrics.

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Quality Assurance

The Company complies with the following regulations and standards:
- CFR Title 21 Part 820 - Quality System Regulation (USA)
- Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (USA)
- ISO 13485 - Quality Management System
- Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (Europe)
- Regulatory Compliance Framework (Australia)
- Administration of Medical Devices (China)


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